Im dating commitment phobe

19-Sep-2017 14:31

Do you ever wonder why your relationships start off so promising, yet don't last? Here's the thing, way back I dated several guys who pursued me relentlessly, sending flowers, wining and dining me and showing me off to their friends. I started asking myself: "Did I do something wrong?

Some suggestions were: I chase him, I play cool, I sit him down and ask him directly. " I couldn't figure out why this kept happening to me. Several laughed yet looked incredibly uncomfortable and changed the subject when mutual friends would say, "When are you two getting hitched? After starting a journey of self-discovery, it became SO clear: a) I had to stop doubting myself and assuming I had done something wrong or I was not good enough, and b) I had to look within and discover why I kept attracting CPs.

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Maybe he’s treating me as his friend and is playing the field?What I bet is happening is that he wants you to reach out to him, initiate contact, etc.because it makes him feel good and secure that you like him.And a lot of us guys don't want to grow up, or we want to delay the process of growing up as long as possible.

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Commitment is a sign of maturity, and some guys are simply too immature to commit, especially in their twenties.Fear of commitment might range from a little uncertainty about your relationship to an absolute terror of 'settling down'.