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Perfect for an after-work meet up, the peaceful atmosphere will help you wind down after a busy day. Singapore House, Adelaide Image source Channelling a Victorian botanists’ vibe, Singapore House is full of beautifully preserved butterflies.

But you don’t have to be into insects to appreciate the assured sophistication of this stunningly designed dining room/bar. The Hudson, Sydney Image source Sydney’s Darling Harbour is a perfect theatre for a memorable first date.

Order some classic cocktails and take a wander down the wharf. 29th Apartment, Melbourne Image source This bar is the very definition of eccentric.You won’t forget this minus 10-degree experience in a hurry. Julaymba Restaurant, Daintree National Park (Far north Qld) Image source The Daintree, in Far North Queensland, is a delicate ecosystem supporting many thousands of animal, bird, plant and insect species. Izakaya Den, Melbourne Image source Understated elegance is what Japanese culture is all about.Diners at this eco-friendly restaurant will feel at peace with nature as they look out over the water. At this bar/restaurant, you’ll find well-thought-out food and meticulously mixed drinks, not to mention a beautifully designed interior.FREEPORT, Illinois — Prom is something most high school students look forward to, and at Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois, a decades-old tradition was continued as juniors and seniors picked their dates.

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Here’s how it works: The boys drew the names of girls at random in the library, while the girls waited for them in the gym.

This open-air, plant-filled, four-storey bar is an oasis in the middle of Fortitude Valley’s hectic night-life, and is an explosion of visual stimulus. Ice Lounge, Chillon, Melbourne Image source Keeping your cool on a date will be no trouble at this sub-zero Melbourne watering hole.