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Cozen O’Connor reviewed the documents in two weeks, ultimately narrowing them to one key email that helped prove their case.

“Opposing counsel’s document dump could have been a huge challenge to our case, but we used Relativity Assisted Review to learn our data quickly and use it strategically— giving us an immediate upper hand in the deposition.” Analytics When Hogan Lovells and Control Risks took on a major global investigation in Brazil, their goal was to untangle the story behind more than 650 custodians, comprising about 225 TB of data from 2,030 data sources, while maintaining close collaboration with more than 20 different stakeholder organizations.

Advances in technology made possible mass production of foodstuffs, quick distribution of goods, safer storage facilities, and more efficient cooking appliances.

S Department of Justice in prosecuting the employee and filing a civil case against the complicit competing agency.

Faced with an expedited trial schedule and two million documents, the firm took a bold approach—they added more documents to the mix, using relevant ones as a seed set for Relativity Assisted Review, and then Analytics features like email threading and near-duplicate detection to quickly comb through the relevant documents returned by the system.

They had 5 months to file their client’s financial statements with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and knew they needed a centralized repository flexible enough to bring together a lot of different work streams, including non-electronic information, along with data analytics capabilities to help them reach the heart of the story.

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After collecting and imaging the data, the team put Relativity at the hub of the investigation to create a complete view of the story—cutting through irrelevant data in more than 30,000,000 documents, and prioritizing key information for the investigative team to review.Amazing Spider-Man Apartment 3-GArctic Circle Baby Blues Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Beetle Bailey Better Half Between Friends Bizarro Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog Blondie Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee Buckles Crankshaft Crock Curtis De Flocked Dennis the Menace Dustin Edge City Family Circus Flash Gordon Funky Winkerbean Grin and Bear It Hagar the Horrible Hazel Heaven's Love Thrift Shop Henry Hi and Lois Intelligent Life Judge Parker Katzenjammer Kids Lockhorns Mallard Fillmore Mandrake the Magician Mark Trail Marvin Mary Worth Moose and Molly Mother Goose & Grimm Mutts Ollie & Quentin Revisited On the Fastrack Pajama Diaries Pardon My Planet Phantom Piranha Club Popeye Prince Valiant Pros & Cons Retail Rex Morgan M.